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The game was originally meant to be played using White Wolf's "Mage: The Ascension", and it still forms the foundation for the setting.
Apostrophic Labratories
This is where you can find the free font "Amerika", which was used for the headline and section titles.

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posted January 21, 2005
Pen, you shoulda bought a keg. Or ten. We don't have time to go see any dead bodies. Beer run!
posted by raven | 5:10 PM
posted January 19, 2005

"What do you want from me? It's been a long night and I didn't want to run out."

posted January 14, 2005
Pete, quit hogging the beer!
posted by raven | 6:32 PM
posted October 29, 2003
(Alex is not reading the posts, that's what Alex's doing...)

Alex begins reading Shiva's dossier. (duh)

After a moment, she realizes she's being foolish and asks Elliott for a scrap of paper and a pen. Given these, she copies the number from the card to the scrap of paper. Next, she goes into the bathroom and finds a nice piece of blank wall. There she scrawls, "For a good time, call" and the number from the card. Just because they might help me out, and that's a big "might," doesn't mean they aren't still the enemy and I shouldn't mess with them. Ditching the card in the bathroom garbage, she heads back into the bar, gives Elliott back the pen, sticks the number-scrap in a pocket, and returns to reading about "Scott Ashton." Hopefully that ought to break any tracking on the card, and I'd probably better ditch the dossier when I'm finished with it...

(Do I have any way of contacting or finding Shiva without magical means? Feel free to bludgeon me with my avatar, but it's been a while, and skimming backwards is hard.)
posted by Alexandra | 1:38 PM
posted September 25, 2003
Yeah, that's kinda what I figured. I finish the rest of my beer then get the full six pack out of the fridge. "Let's go," I say to Pen. Drink up, Pete. It's gonna be a long night.
posted by raven | 6:43 PM
posted September 24, 2003
So, what is Alex doing now that Donovan's left her at the bar with Shiva's dossier?
Pen opens and closes her mouth quickly, like a fish, and all she can say is a half-stammered "okay" as she grabs hold of her drink and turns for the door. She's definitely worried, and you get the feeling that she got nowhere near the answer she wanted, but you can also tell that she's not going to push--yet.
posted September 13, 2003
I put the beers down on the counter, open all three and hand her one. I chug down about half of another one.
"I don't know what you want to be wrong about, but if it'll make you feel better, I'll tell you you're wrong," I say. "Let's not jump to any conclusions before we get over there."
posted by raven | 7:12 PM
"I mean that they've been attacked, and they think that the local Nephs may be the ones involved, but the attackers were new faces to them so they couldn't be sure. They've asked us--you--to come over and verify their suspicions..."

Pen pales slightly as she realizes what she's just said, then unmuffles the cellphone and whispers a couple of words into the receiver. She hangs up but doesn't move. She's trying to maintain her composure, but you can feel this mix of fear and dread and longing just dripping from her.

"Please. Tell me I'm wrong."

"What do you mean 'what's left of them'?" I ask, grabbing three beers.
posted by raven | 5:14 PM